Royal Enfield lays claim to being the oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production today. It’s manufacture originated in England in 1901. After the second world war when Japanese motorcycles were starting to take over world motorcycle choices, Royal Enfield moved their production to Madras Motors group in Chennai, India, for the soul purpose of creating bikes for the Indian Army, these were 350cc’s.

In 1962, the legendary 500 was developed and basically stayed the same until the early 2000’s. Under the directorship of a new CEO, Royal Enfield updated their classic vintage bikes to make them more user friendly. They now have electronic self-starters, 5 speed left hand gear shifts, (some still have many neutrals), disc brakes (some of them). Also, some of them are fuel injected.

These time- tested solid workhorses are still the main bike of choice to use when riding in the Himalayas. They are comfortable and easy to ride and are great for two up as they are 500cc.



This bike is a huge leap forward for Royal Enfield. 2016 saw the first designs for their very first purpose built adventure bike. It still sports some of the classic functions i.e. braking and finding neutral, more often than not, are still part of the much-loved character of the classics.

It is now much higher off the ground so it does not catch on rocks. It has a 19” front wheel, and is only 411cc which makes it much lighter. The high handlebars are also a plus as it makes it a lot easier to stand up. The rear mono shock with 170mm of travel is a first for Royal Enfield, so it can absorb some of the bumps a lot better.

The seat is comfortable and low enough to climb on when your ageing limbs are challenged with most adventure bikes, and it is refreshing to be able to get both feet firmly on the ground.

This bike is definitely up for the challenge of crossing mountain ranges on some of the off-road tracks we use on our tours, especially to Upper Mustang.



These little bikes were made for most of the terrain we cover in the high Himalayas. They weigh only 118kgs, are high off the ground, nimble, and have plenty of power to climb the hardest of slopes.

The seats are surprisingly comfortable as well, but of course these are not two- up machines.

At the moment we have to hire these bikes from another company so if you wish to use one it will cost you slightly more.