Hi my name is Lorraine Lindsay founder of Himalayan Motorcycle Adventures, I have been riding motorcycles for more than 50 years.

After finishing my degree at Otago University and teaching for the obligatory 4 years to pay off my studentship (similar to student loan) I decided to hit the road overseas for two years.

I bought a motorcycle in England and proceeded to work and ride for the next five years! Covering Europe and Britain extensively, plus some of Russia and Turkey.

On returning to NZ after 5 years I decided to get serious about career so knuckled down to work my way up the corporate ladder where I was earning a big enough salary that would enable me to travel overseas and experience riding in different countries.

Over the last 25 years I have been on many organised tours (covering much of India including Ladakh and Kashmir, Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Japan, Hawaii, Australia, USA,) Some of these more than once.

Having experienced being with many different tour operators, this has given me the insight into what works well and what could be done better.

Each time I came back from a tour I found I was becoming more and more passionate about what I had seen and experienced. I especially loved the thrill of riding in the high Himalayas. Consequently, I repeated some of these tours but with different tour companies and leaders.

I loved sharing my passion and stories of my adventures with friends who became inspired to come too.

It soon became evident that it was me who was supplying the tour operators with the bulk of their clients to the point where the tour would not have gone ahead if it wasn’t for my contacts.

I have just recently retired from the crazy corporate world and was looking for something to do, when I was approached by a Kathmandu based adventure tour company that had been set up by a very capable and experienced ex manager of one of the bigger companies I had used in the past. I am now working with them.

I noticed there is a huge gap in the market for tour leaders out of NZ and Australia taking tours to this part of the world on a regular basis.

NZ and Australian motorcyclists are among the most adventurous in the world and especially as our little country of NZ is very small, we can get bored with going round and round the same circuits. Most of the motorcyclists I know in NZ are using overseas companies to take them on adventures in other parts of the world.

It is time that we had someone from NZ to do this so I decided this would be me.

My team and I are working together to build up a variety of tours that will add to the ones we are currently offering. We will do tailor made tours as well if you have a group of friends who want to go somewhere specific.

Also, as I am female, I recognise the different needs of the women on these tours. So, I am offering women’s only tours where we take in different aspects than what the traditional tours offer (these are always invariably run by men). I will be personally escorting these tours where we will enable women from Western Cultures to meet women from the Himalayas and sharing cultures.

I hope the same love and passion I have for this part of the world will inspire you to experience one of my tours.